Religion, Politics And Presidential Election

The reduced self does not want any one to get something from any physique else, and if it is conscious of a person getting a specific boon, it seeks to destroy it. -Rumi * *


As the title indicates, this piece is about religion, politics and the upcoming Presidential Election- 2012. Historically, in America there is a separation of ‘church and state’ which signifies that typically religion/spirituality is kept out of elections and governing. In Europe, exactly where most settlers originated, the energy of the Church (Catholic, Protestant) typically influenced people’s lives via various Monarchs. According to most settlers, this was believed to be a damaging, typically deadly influence (The Inquisition) and consequently wanted this energy negated in the New Globe.

In this report, we will be discussing: the impact of ‘lower self’ politics the influence of the religion of capitalism upon the existing election how revenue typically runs the political course of action morality and politics and how worry & reward is utilised in election campaigns.

Decrease Self Politics

In November, we in America will be electing our President who will serve for the subsequent four years. At this point in the race, it appears like Willard Mitt Romney (Republican) will challenge Barack Obama (Democrat) the incumbent.

Presently, we are in the middle of political ads, campaign financing events, positioning by various candidates and their supporters by attacking their opponent’s accomplishment record. Most of these attacks are aimed at an opponent’s alleged failures or previous alignment with controversial challenges (abortion, gay rights). It is dirty (reduced self) politics and this is the way it has been for a lot of years, now. Generally election ads point out the opponent’s failure or alleged misrepresentation in their ads. Generally, in a not quite sophisticated way, these ads challenge their opponent’s credibility and provide their view of opponent’s mistruths.

Mr. Romney is getting attacked for his record as a organization man in assisting to produce jobs and previous Governor of the State of Massachusetts Mr. Romney is a multi-millionaire, and people today who lost their jobs by Romney choices are getting displayed by the Obama side. Playing on people’s worry they are urging not to vote for Romney and that he is misrepresenting his record on this problem. Similarly, the Romney people today point out President Obama’s failure to turn the economy and National debt about. Playing once again to voter’s worry and reduced wants.

Religion of Capitalism

Now, politics in America is largely about revenue with its religion of capitalism. Right here in the land of the no cost very first and foremost revenue guidelines and social agendas largely take a second location. A single way to define religion is as a set of beliefs primarily based upon a Larger Principle or Deity. In the case of capitalism, there is an complete belief method fostering that continual financial development is a quite superior point and this development is measured by how a lot revenue is offered (Gross National Item).

Also, for decades now the mantra of Corporate America has been: how a lot revenue can we make and this is the way results is measured. It actually does not matter, as a lot, if a solution more than years will make people today sick, pollutes the atmosphere, or steals sources from a foreign nation. The bottom line, is how a lot revenue is coming in, this is the criteria for results or failure. In element, that is why we are struggling with challenges like international warming, obesity and America’s dependence upon pharmaceuticals for overall health.

Luckily, this singular concentrate on income is starting to alter and now some Corporations are seeking at their element in getting a superior neighbor as effectively.
If you ask most Americans they will say, the most crucial challenge for the subsequent President is our Economy and generating much more jobs offered. Yes, people today will need to consume and getting a job to make revenue is quite crucial nonetheless, along with this there is hardly ever any discussion about the high-quality of people’s lives, and how to make much better people today that will aid resolve our present societal difficulties.

In Washington DC, there is a tremendous Lobby method exactly where paid Lobbyists from several interest groups and major organization influence politicians to make choices on their behalf. Lately, on a News report it was pointed out that the three biggest contributors to political campaigns for re-election have been the Economic Market, the Oil Market and the Well being Market. This report went on additional to say: no wonder that a lot of current political choices have been slanted in favor of these substantial interests.

For a lot of years, it has been recommended to do away with the Lobby Technique as it largely represents these with revenue and the capacity to organize typically, this method does not adequately represent these people today who are unable to organize, and typical citizens with significantly less economic sources.

Cash to Fund Election Campaigns

To run a political campaign for election, it requires revenue to get your views out there so people today will know who you are and vote for you only these candidates who can buy ads and organize a robust political base with revenue backing get elected. The two important political Parties (Republicans, Democrats) have national campaign directors and a lot of volunteers to push their candidate forward these Parties have tremendous economic sources via targeted supporters.

Due to the fact ordinary citizens and groups of people today with a specific interest donate revenue to elect their representative ordinarily, as a outcome, this representative has a complete host of people today to whom they owe political favors. This is the exchange mentally operating- if I do some thing for you, I anticipate you to do some thing for me. Political donations are ordinarily repaid by favoritism of some sort. Typically people today do not donate revenue to a political campaign, unless they like a candidate who will vote on challenges as the donator of funds need.

Quite a few instances, the outcome of this favoritism is a (monetary) reward of some sort like voting on essential challenges in a specific way. Or a position of energy (political appointment) that at some point leads to much more private wealth.

Also, you can not actually get elected in America unless you are wealthy or have a energy base that has revenue to fund your election campaign. The expense of ads and acquiring your platform (what you think on essential challenges) out there for people today to have an understanding of is quite highly-priced.

Once again, it has been recommended, that candidates for various positions all be offered, with out expense, no cost air time (Television, Radio) to run their campaign. This would do away with the will need to raise election funds, and make the election race a tiny fairer. Possibly, some people today devoid of access to substantial amounts of revenue may possibly even attempt to run for various positions.

Morality Concerns

Due to the fact a lot of election campaigns use the tactic of attempting to discredit a prospective candidate by pointing out previous failure: a moral scandal or misstep is a superior way to do this. In the previous, a candidate’s sexual indiscretions (getting a mistress), misuse of political campaign revenue, behavior as a young man (bullying college mates), corporate manager (loss of neighborhood jobs), or previous record as an elected official have appeared in the media.

It appears that media managers are acutely conscious of our excitement will need and typically play to our reduced nature when reporting political NEWS. They assume everybody love’s a juicy scandal and are rapid to run a story like this. Also, most media managers are typically essential, crucial members of a distinct political celebration and as such are anticipated to aid their candidate by reporting positively and negatively against their opponent.

Most typically, election campaigns are slanted by reports of an opponent’s brief comings and do not accentuate a program to appropriate a troublesome circumstance (resurrecting the economy, cut down our increasing national debt, generating a balanced overall health care method) since these are complicated challenges, typically it is a lot much easier from a political point of view to speak about a candidate’s failure as opposed to supplying a true resolution.

Also, it appears it is typical practice for a lot of in search of workplace to make promises about essential challenges they know they can not retain. Or alter their thoughts about an problem, merely to achieve votes. Whilst this sounds quite cynical, in element, it assists clarify the inability of a lot of candidates to retain their election promises.

Worry & Reward

Quite a few instances, in an election campaign, voters will be topic to a manipulation. Candidates and their supporters (Catholic Church) will use our biologic tough wiring against us in order to get our vote. On top of that, their use of our worry response creates an illusion they are the greatest candidate. Their manipulation runs some thing like this: appear we have a potentially superior point going right here (resolution of difficulties, results, and heaven) and if you want to join in with us, then you are necessary to adhere to what we say to do. If you do not want any rewards- do not join in, but you are doomed to either failure, a quite tough time, or you may perhaps even ‘piss God off’ becoming a person with a quite painful future in the hereafter.

In America, we reside in a capitalistic society and most people today develop-up believing: I want to get a piece of the action (revenue) – so I will adhere to along with the guidelines it is the very same with religions and loved ones structures. What is place out there- right here are the guidelines and expectations- accept them or reject them that is up to you, but if you reject them it is a tough way to go devoid of our assistance.

In the upcoming Presidential Election, lately the Catholic Church has raised the essential private freedom challenges of abortion (via the new overall health care bill the Church will be necessary to spend for abortions for these who are covered by overall health insurance coverage and perform in Church sponsored settings) and gay marriage (which they are against) asking Catholics to take a stand, with their private choices about whom they elect- echoing all through eternity. They have produced a brief video entitled- Test of Fire: Election 2012. To view this video go to:

All through this video, which is quite effectively carried out, there is the ever present threat of Hell Fire for these who do not vote their conscience. Clearly, private conscience getting defined- as what the Catholic Church advocates. What ever your private view on these essential challenges, when viewing this video, it is crucial to retain in thoughts- the worry & reward manipulation. Otherwise you may perhaps be swayed, by the worry of spending eternity in Hell.

Also, appear for this manipulation in other election pieces, so you will not be motivated by the worry and reward carrot.


Whilst a lot of this report focuses on what is incorrect or what this writer finds troubling in American politics, and its impact upon the upcoming Presidential Election it is crucial to point out that typically items do not get fixed till they are badly broken. That is human nature.