Religion, Witchcraft And Sex

The word witch derives from an ancient variant of Willow tree.The willow was the tree of the triple moon goddess (maiden, females, & hag). Willow worshipers (witches) had been mentioned to posses supernatural powers of divination. They had been normally linked with venerating the Devil at nocturnal orgies. Witchcraft is a bizarre art that has been prevalent from immemorial occasions. The essence of this craft is man inane need to possess more powers to either improve his youth or life. The epitome of this is the mystique of sex that is closely interwoven with witchcraft. Why sex? As Hegel and Adler have written, sex is prime ordeal force and the sublime that everyone craves for. It does not die with old age or infirmness even though one particular can crave and not be capable to carry out. At this stage sexual fulfillment can only be prolonged by the black arts and its supreme the Devil. This is in sharp contrast to the religious doctrine which normally shuns sex. If God represents this doctrine than its antithesis the Devil represents sensual pleasure of which sex and and all its variations are the key physique.

The initially stage of this art is the initiation and the ceremony involved with it. Initiation ceremonies are held the globe more than and differ from spot to spot. In England neighborhood initiation meetings had been ordinarily held after a week but the “Sabbath of the Witches” held 4 occasions a year and ordinarily on Thursday was the additional essential of the gatherings, when a substantial no believers would be admitted to the fold. The particular person or Devil below whose superintendence it functioned was referred to as Beelzebub, Satan or Lucifer. The men and women who constituted this meeting referred to as it the Coven. And to all such members of the Coven, the presiding particular person represented the GOD. He was worshiped and the greatest present a disciple or a particular person getting initiated could give, was his or hers physique to the devil. In other words the devil would copulate with the particular person and the particular person would get the seed of the devil. This was and remains a significant element of the initiation ceremony. So powerful certainly was the covens belief in his energy and so considerably was he adored, that the witches (persons attending the coven) devoted their bodies and also of their daughters if any to the Devil,. The ritual was in early occasions very queer, even though by modern day requirements not all that bizarre. The ceremony would start out with Devil undressing himself in front of the gathering and then would put on a extended loose robe. A lady who had to be initiated into the cult would be led to altar in the centre of the space and laid on a raised platform. The Devil or the presiding deity would undress the lady in front of the congregation. She would be asked particular inquiries as to her willingness to be the Devil’s disciple and regardless of whether she was prepared to get the seed of the devil. On her affirmative reply the ceremony would proceed additional.

The Devil would then commence the final element which was once again played prior to the audience as the ‘Devil’ would position himself for the “Coup de Principal”, an entry into the initiators physique. The man would mate with the lady by producing loud cries as if simulating the Devil. If the lady conceived the young children had been regarded as the Devils progeny and grew up “in the service”. Soon after the Devil had partaken of the lady she was kept on the altar and supplied to other covens that also had sex with her. In truth this ceremony is beautifully depicted in Roman Polanski in his film “Rosemary’s Child”. In England such ceremonies are nonetheless in existence and serve as a supply of intense sexual gratification.

Even in New Guiana in the Dutch East Indies it was very popular to make adore to the lady getting initiated by a powerful stud from the gathering, ideal out in the open air. After in each and every 7 years there would be, what was referred to as “Excellent Sabbath”, at which all covens of a wide district would congregate, and tradition has it that on that occasion the Chief Witch or ‘Devil” would sacrifice a young virgin soon after she had been deflowered and had mated with the Devil and his apostles. Fortunately this is now obsolete, but in some primitive cultures in India and Africa is nonetheless in vogue.

The actual initiation ceremony into the mysteries of witchcraft will have to have been an fascinating encounter. The aspirant to membership, soon after getting duly encouraged, would have to be introduced and the manner of introduction would be kept secret till the actual occasion. Ahead of the assembled covens there would be a renouncement on the element of the candidate of any former faith and then the particular person would give his or hers physique to the Devil. Soon after the reception the candidate would be baptized with a new name such as “Thief of Heaven” and so on. The initiation ceremonies are an essential element of the ritual of the black arts. Absolutely nothing can be full till one particular offers his or her physique to the “Devil”. Also if there is a betrayal of self-assurance on the element of the member, then retribution is swift, occasionally with an iron rod.

There are also Demons, fiends and Specters identified as Succubus and Incubus. Incubus is supposed to be a lascivious demon who seems to a lady at evening and ravishes her physique. When Succubus was somewhat related Demon possessed of the energy of assuming the kind of a lady. This is itself a worldwide phenomenon and is persisted in modern day occasions. Taylor in his perform ‘Primitive Culture (1873) says that these male and female nocturnal demons which consort lasciviously with males and females are certainly a truth. In the Islands of West Indies there are Ghosts of the dead, vanishing when clutched at. In New Zealand ancestral deities kind attachment with females, paying them repeated visits. In the Samoan islands such intercourse with inferior Gods was believed to bring about supernatural conception. In Hindu Tantra formal rites are specified which allow a man to receive a companion nymph by worshiping at evening in any burial spot. A single of the elements of witchcraft is the continuation of pagan ritual for fertility for barren females. In actual terms it is tiny additional than absolute belief in the divine energy of Satan. Quite a few a barren lady has resorted to such rites for herself. But sex is the ultimate path in the Devils armor and leads to him. Like prayer leads to God.

The sexual act is identified to release power and is looked down by all religions, but for the Devil who is the Anti-thesis of God and goodness it is an critical ritual. Probably this power released in a sexual union does have some thing to do with black arts.

In Europe nocturnal intercourse with Incubi and Succubi are carried out in complete belief by ecclesiastics and lawyers priests and witches.

These days the element of Incubus is ordinarily played by the chief of witches Coven, in disguise and occasionally in semi-darkness to heighten the energy and impact of the occult.

Bram Stoker in his popular perform “Count Dracula” has vividly portrayed a different facet of witchcraft. In this kind a vampire (ordinarily a man who remains alive soon after death with the support of sorcery) to stay ‘alive’ requires to have intercourse with a female and a lady vice versa i.e., cohabit with a man, with a peculiar ritual that tends to make such creatures reside on by drinking the blood of their victims.

Like in prayer one particular offers himself up to God, so in this case also there is a voluntary private surrender of ones will and physique to the Devil and then only one particular can get some thing in return. The immortal tale of Dr Faustus and the promoting of his soul to the Devil in return for the immortal adore of Helen, the most wonderful lady in history is a tragic instance of this. Once more the basic driving force for Dr. Faustus was sex and he craved of it with Helen.

Therefore we could conclude that one particular of the critical components of sorcery, witchcraft and black magic is the sexual act. Mans need for the sublime pleasure of sex will guarantee that the Black arts like witchcraft will survive for all time to come.