The Significance Of Strategic Partnerships In A Nonprofit Organization

In 2010, I expanded my nonprofit Science, Engineering and Mathematics Hyperlink (SEM Hyperlink) to a national nonprofit organization by relocating to the San Francisco Bay Location. Due to the fact the organization’s inception in 2005, we have created a sturdy system structure that has enhanced the math and science educational experiences for more than 1000 Metropolitan Atlanta youth. I realized that our organization was introducing math and science to students and offering sources for educators and parents in a one of a kind and revolutionary way hence it was time for the expansion of our applications. Though searching at other nonprofits organizations that have been about for a number of decades had a national presence and sturdy strategic partnerships. I wanted to model my organization soon after these productive organization so that we can attain our vision of “unveiling prospective for exposure” for much more students about the nation.

When beginning a nonprofit organization there are quite a few methods that go into turning the thought into a organization and establishing operational and system structure. Establishing strategic partnerships is the final issue on your thoughts, you just want to get the organization up and operating primarily based on your organization program and your vision. On the other hand, after the nonprofit is operating and you have achieved most of the points in your initial organization program, it is time to consider about development and sustainability. In the 1st five years of a nonprofit organization’s existence, you are just attempting to get sources to implement your applications and create your brand. The partnerships you establish are not strategic since you align oneself with any person that is prepared to take a opportunity on a new nonprofit organization. You never normally choose organizations or corporations that let you to remain correct to your mission or attain the targets for establishing the distinct partnership. But soon after a handful of years and productive applications below the organization’s belt, one’s brand has been created and you can place much more believed into your partnerships. You recognize that your partnerships are essential to taking your organization to the subsequent level, from a start out up to sustainable organization.

Strategic partnerships are referred to as that since of the preparing that goes into identifying and establishing these relationships. The strategic element of establishing partnerships is analyzing your brand, your targets and your existing sources then locating organizations that will let you to get the points that you have to have in order to take your organization to the subsequent level. But partnerships are about what you can bring to a different organization to assist them with their brand, attaining their targets and enhancing the sources offered to them in order to assist them attain their targets. A fantastic partnership permits each organizations to do that and is a win-win for each. A nonprofit strategic partnerships need to be established are with neighborhood organizations, corporations, academic institutions and government agencies,every single of which have their precise function in assisting a nonprofit organization attain its mission.

Corporate partners are significant since corporations, government agencies and colleges and universities present beneficial sources for nonprofit organizations. Corporate partnerships present sources such as volunteers, in type service and very good donations and economic contributions, that are crucial for system implementation. Colleges and universities present a unique resource for youth serving organizations since it offers volunteers closer to the student you serve to present function models for college preparation and profession exploration. In addition, hosting events on college campus offers students with an chance to go to a college campus, which not each and every student has an chance to do. The suitable corporate partners not only present sources for your organization, but can assist the organization develop its reputation to get more sources. I’ve personally seasoned with my nonprofit establishing a new corporate partnership with a business since of the firms that have been our current corporate partners. Corporate partnerships are not restricted to huge corporations modest and medium sized enterprises make fantastic corporate partners as nicely.

Nonprofits present their corporate partners with an chance to implement their corporate social duty program in its neighborhood. They present an chance for its workers to give back to their neighborhood by volunteering. There are quite a few consulting firms that volunteer their workers knowledge to present nonprofit organizations with service such as public relations, advertising and marketing plans and other solutions that they could not afford. Nonprofit organizations also present corporations with an chance get tax create off when they make economic contributions to the organization. The final issue that nonprofits present corporations that they companion with advertising and marketing and marketing possibilities most nonprofits list their corporate partners on their web-site and other promotional components

The essential to nonprofits establishing strategic corporate partnerships is getting the infrastructure to attract and preserve these relationships. The 1st step in this infrastructure is to have a message that informs corporations of who you are, what you do as organization and how they can assist. Corporations have a variety of sources and interests, so be confident to give corporations selections when asking for their assist. For instance, when asking for a economic contribution have a variety of levels for getting donation with every single level getting rewards primarily based on the quantity of the contribution. The rewards for economic contribution need to not be equal, the much more a corporation provides the much more rewards they need to get for their contribution. In addition, do you analysis when soliciting corporate partnerships, never method any organization that does not historically help initiatives that are associated to the mission of your organization. Also know how an organization offers help, there are some corporations that will never ever make a economic contribution, but will present in type service or very good donation that are just beneficial as a economic contribution to your organization.

The second variety of strategic partnerships that are significant to development and sustainability are neighborhood partnerships. Neighborhood partnerships are relationships with other nonprofit organizations that present an chance to improve your applications. There are two variety of neighborhood partnerships, complementary and cross promotional. Complementary neighborhood partnerships are these organizations that let you to straight implement your applications. You and a complementary partners may possibly establish a partnership since 1 of your presents a system that 1 of you all have to have to improve your applications. For instance becoming a math and science educational organization, SEM Hyperlink has established applications with organizations that have soon after-college applications for youth in order for these organizations to add math and science to their applications. A complementary partnership, may possibly be an organization that you each offer you related applications, but you want to collaborate to combine your sources to enhance the influence of each organizations.

Cross promotional neighborhood partnerships with other nonprofit organizations present an chance for each organizations to enhance the awareness of their organizations by way of the relationships. There may possibly not an chance for these organizations to collaborate on applications, but they can pool sources that will each organizations to develop since they are in the identical sector and serve the identical target audience. This relationships permits each organizations to market their brand and possibly enhance participation in their applications. For instance, SEM Hyperlink is presently establishing a partnership with an on line neighborhood for higher college students. This partnership will not let us to offer you applications, nonetheless higher college students will be conscious of our organizations and we can market our applications for higher college students on this on line neighborhood. In return, we will present the organization with math and science educational content material and assist develop a segment in the on line neighborhood for students that have an interest in math and science.

They essential to establishing strategic neighborhood partnerships is making certain that it is a win-win for each organizations. If the partnership will not assist develop each brands, improve organization’s applications, enhance the organizations outreach to its target market place it, it is not a very good partnership. The essential to a productive partnership is that each organizations advantage. There are instances, particularly with smaller sized nonprofits, when you will enter partnerships with an organization and there is not as a great deal advantage as you believed it would be by aligning your organization with that organization. A different tip is when establishing partnerships, you have to go into the negotiations figuring out what your requirements are from and what you can give to a different organization. After that is established, it is significant to establish a partnership in writing by establishing a partnership agreement. It is very good thought for an lawyer to draft a basic partnership agreement for you, that you can adapt and adjust for every single partnership. Lastly, assure that you promote that partnership by writing a press release when it is established as nicely as list that partnership on your web-site and other promotional components.

In this nation, there are a lot of nonprofits that are carrying out fantastic function. On the other hand, they are not serving as quite a few customers as they can since they are not as diligent as they need to be with establishing partnerships. For that reason quite a few of them are lowering their system supplying or closing their doors, when they are meeting such a fantastic have to have in the neighborhood. There is no organization that will be in a position to survive if they attempt to attain their mission devoid of establishing partnerships. Partnerships present sources and relationships that let one’s organization to attain its mission. As you consider about your organization, what you want to attain and how you are going to attain that mission for years to come, you have to consider about how can I get all the sources that I have to have. If you want your organization to be sustainable and be in a position to deal with the development that comes when you effectively implement your applications and advertising and marketing and public relationships approach you have to consider about partnerships. The much more strategic you are about establishing corporate and neighborhood partnership you place your nonprofit organization in a position to not only survive but thrive.